Food For Fines


Spectrum Industries, Inc. of Chippewa Falls continues to contribute generously to Stanley's Moon Library with a donation of a new circulation desk this past week.  So far, they've contributed since 2015 several times which included new bookshelves on both floors, all new computer chairs, and all new table chairs for the library.


Steve Tannler, the firm's liquidation manager, secured approval to make such donations, built bookshelves, delivered and assembled the furniture.  A big thank you goes out to not only Spectrum Industries Inc., and Steve, but to Rocky who also helped with the deliveries and set up.


The library staff and library board are pleased with the interior improvements and hope that other people and companies step forward to aid in the renovation needs of the current historical building.


If you are interested in helping with the renovation of the current building, please contact the Library Board or Director Lori to be updated on what renovations are drastically needed.


New Circulation Desk

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